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Seaport Village

Seaport Village

With its warm weather appeal and scenic coastlines, San Diego, California is a vacation destination that’s worth enjoying and exploring any time of year. While history buffs will fall in love with this inviting city thanks to landmark stops such as the USS Midway Museum, those with a passion for wildlife won’t want to miss a chance to enjoy the iconic San Diego Zoo. From Balboa Park to its inspiring beaches, there’s a long list of options for fun. When you’re in town for a while and looking to savor time in the heart of shopping, dining, and entertainment, however, your trip won’t be complete without ample time set aside to experience the best of Seaport Village....

Enjoy the Best of City Living

Centered around 849 West Harbor Drive, Seaport Village is a vibrant and bustling destination within the greater San Diego area that is known for its incredible shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment that finds its way into the streets and often into the hearts of passersby’s. Seaport Village is a place where you can easily spend time simply strolling along, watching boats sail by on the water, or making the most of a people-watching moment or two. However, the vast number of options for fun waiting make it likely that guests to Seaport Village will dedicate some serious time to browsing goods, making the most of incredible flavors, and finding time to admire the musical stylings that just might pop up along the streets.

Planning a Visit

Open from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm daily, Seaport Village is home to 17 dining establishments, 50 storefronts worth checking out an ever-revolving calendar of outdoor entertainment. This family-friendly destination is a great place to keep travelers engaged with their fun surroundings whether you’re on the hunt for that perfect souvenir or are looking to please everyone’s palate with an amazing dinner or two. From Alamo Flags and Crazy T-Shirts to Harley Davidson and Kite Flite, Seaport Village shops are sure to speak to travelers of all types of specific interests. With stores that feature nothing but custom magnets to those that are dedicated entirely to San Diego-themed apparel, you won’t have to look far to find something fun to take home with you.

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Location: 849 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-530-0704
USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum

San Diego is known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and landmark locations that are fun for everyone in the family. For the traveler looking to capture the California state of mind, there’s no place better than San Diego. It’s a particularly inspiring destination for those that love to combine time in nature with city center fun complete with delicious dining, shopping, and options for exploring. For those that head to San Diego with a passion for history, putting a stop at the USS Midway Museum at the top of the itinerary is a must. ...

Where History Comes to Life

Located at 910 N Harbor Drive, the USS Midway Museum is an icon of the past come to life in the heart of a city that’s as innovative as it is scenic. Situated in the waters of downtown San Diego, the USS Midway Museum is a historic naval aircraft carrier that’s been meticulously transformed into a one of a kind museum to welcome guests to encounter moments frozen in time right at Navy Pier. Stepping inside, visitors get a true sense of what the immense proportions an aircraft carrier requires, particularly when viewing other aircraft displayed onboard. As guests browse a collection of exhibits and displays highlighting phenomenal moments in aviation and naval history, they’re often inspired to learn more.

Planning a Visit

The USS Midway Museum is open daily between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, making it a convenient stop in any visitor’s itinerary, no matter how full of other fun activities it may be. Entrance to the museum starts with purchasing a ticket at an adult price of $26, a student price of $18, or a child’s ticket price of $12 with children 5 and under touring for free. Self-guided audio tours are available for guests at the USS Midway Museum but if you have the time, be sure to take advantage of the guided tours hosted by veteran volunteers who are excited to not only show visitors around the museum, but to share their own experiences and stories as well.

Enjoy the Best of San Diego

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Location: 910 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 544-9600
CRSSD Festival

CRSSD Festival

The desire to take time to relax, unwind and enjoy some spectacular scenery on the side often brings visitors in large numbers to the beautiful city of San Diego, California. Settled on the Pacific Coast, this sunny destination provides the excitement of an urban metropolis alongside the appeal of sandy beaches, warm weather and options to explore stops ranging from museums and galleries to marinas and parks. San Diego has long proven itself to be an ideal destination for not only solo travelers and couples but family-focused journeys as well. The sheer diversity of sightseeing locales, delicious restaurants, landmark locations all paired with some of the best temperatures around make San Diego a must-see stop on the map. When it comes to music, San Diego does this well too. While the city hosts a calendar spilling over with options for musical festivals throughout the year, those locals and visitors with a true passion for electronic music won't want to miss the chance to be a part of the CRSSD Festival in San Diego this year. ...

A High-Energy Stop for Music Lovers

The CRSSD Festival in San Diego is designed to be a fantastic two days of fun highlighting the very best of electronic music for fans who are there to dance, listen and be inspired. Known as a high-energy event, the CRSSD Festival hosts an impressive lineup of performers who are both well-known and rather up and coming on the music scene as well. Three stages are set up for this fun festival moment and throughout the course of the festival, more than 36 performers will take to one of these three stages. The CRSSD Festival is not without its fair share of flavorful moments as well. This festival proves annually to be a great opportunity for local vendors to share their favorites with the crowd. Guests can pick and choose from a variety of on-site vendors at the festival featuring everything from beer and food to mixed drinks and beyond.

2020 Festival Details

This year, the CRSSD Festival fun continues as the event is planned for March 7th through March 8th and will be hosted at the San Diego County Waterfront Park. The park is located at 1600 Pacific Highway and ticket prices to the events range from $135 to $155 depending on the number of days guests want to enjoy the festivities and concerts. The San Diego County Waterfront Park provides this festival with 12 acres of land to utilize, which means there's plenty of space to let the good times roll. This is a 21 and up event that you won't want to miss when you're in town! Don`t miss out of these top things to do in San Diego.

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Location: 1600 Pacific Hwy
Firehouse Museum

Firehouse Museum

Spending time in San Diego, California is bound to be a delight whether you’re enthusiastically taking to the waves or making your way through the incredible dining and shopping scene the city hosts. For those that love history and culture, there’s much in the way of fun as well. Whether you’re in town with the little ones or are fascinated by changes in technology over the years, a trip to the Firehouse Museum in San Diego promises to please.


History Roots and Exciting Display

Located at 1572 Columbia Street within the parameters of Little Italy, the San Diego Firehouse Museum is a must for those that are fascinated by taking a step back in time and getting a first-hand look at progress in the field of firefighting. This well-established museum was first opened to the public in 1962 within Fire Station No. 6 which was the city’s oldest firehouse and the perfect setting for a museum that features the best of firefighting technology, strategies, and innovations. Guests are invited to step inside and enjoy browsing a collection of displays that range from antique fire engines to horse-drawn steamers. With equipment on display dating back to the 1800s, a trip through this museum is sure to engage and inspire! Once you’ve had a chance to look at everything closely, be sure to swing by the on-site gift shop and pick up just the right firefighting souvenir to commemorate your afternoon adventure in San Diego.

Planning a Visit

The San Diego Firehouse Museum will re-open to the public post-COVID-19 closing September 1, 2020. Admission to the museum is $3 for adults and $2 for children and checks, cash, or credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. The San Diego Firehouse Museum is open Thursday and Friday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Make the most of the chance to interact with over 100 years of firefighting history and if you have questions in advance, feel free to contact the museum at 619-232-3473.

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Location: 1572 Columbia St San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-232-3473
Our Lady of the Rosary Church

Our Lady of the Rosary Church

When it comes to sunny and welcoming vacation destinations, there’s no place on the map quite as appealing as San Diego. This Southern California locale is loved by travelers looking to take time away from their busy lives and schedules to enjoy time on the beach, in the waves, exploring city-center entertainment options and making the most of savory stops too. While there’s much to do in the way of fun and adventure, San Diego is also a city rich in history and religious relevance. Whether you’re fascinated by architecture or drawn to its sacred past, a stop at the Our Lady of the Rosary Church is well worth the effort when you’re in town.


A Stop Filled with History and Faith

Settled into the heart of Little Italy at 1668 State Street, the Our Lady of the Rosary Church invites guests to come and encounter over 100 years of history in the middle of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in all of San Diego. Mass is still regularly held at this place of worship which is easy to spot thanks to its stark white façade, red-tiled roofing, and dual belltowers reaching into the blue sky. The bells chime on time from these same tours, giving locals and visitors a wonderful auditory treat as they make their way through the neighborhood or into the church itself. Inside the church, the artistic attention to detail can be found from floor to ceiling. Many make their way in to admire the plethora of paintings, sculptures, and intriguing color palettes that frame a beautiful altar at the front.

Planning a Visit

Those that are interested in attending mass at Our Lady of the Rosary can make their way here Monday through Saturday for English mass while a special Italian mass is always held on the first Sunday of the month starting at noon. When mass is done and you’ve toured the building, be sure to swing by the on-site gift shop where meaningful religious items are sold as well as souvenirs to commemorate your time. Proceeds from the shop go back towards restoring Our Lady of the Rosary in an effort to keep the church up and running for centuries to come.

Sunny San Diego Calling

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Location: 1668 State Street San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619-234-4820