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Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor

Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor

When itís time to pack up and get out of town, knowing youíre headed to sunny San Diego, California makes the experience that much more exciting. Travelers from across the map have long set their sights on this southern California destination in the name of rest, relaxation, flavor, fun, and adventures on the water. From beach hopping and shopping to landmarks that speak to history and culture, San Diego brings the best of it all and the same goes for savory stops to enjoy along the way. When youíre in town and in the mood for a place to sip something sweet, listen to great music, and enjoy a vibrant ambiance, Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor is the place to be.


A Chic and Exciting Stop

Located at 901 Fifth Avenue, Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor is known and loved for its chic, yet quirky appeal and many find itís an allure in the fact that this quaint establishment is rather hidden away in style. The aesthetic in Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor is decidedly a mix between the turn of the century Parisian stomping grounds and those iconic New York Lounges that line the meatpacking district. Its location in the Gaslamp District gives it a prime location to offer up a one of a kind experience to visitors and locals alike. Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor puts a fresh spin on that age-old desire to settle into a lounge, make the most of amazing flavors and find your balance surrounded by great company, music, and conversation. Many who make their way this direction so do in the spirit of entertainment as well. Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor is known for hosting live DJís and musical performances regularly.

Menu Favorites to Enjoy

While the wine tastings, beer, and selection of handcrafted cocktails at Vin de Syrah Wine Parlor are definitely the highlight, this establishment also offers up an array of small plate options to enjoy. Charcuterie boards are bound to delight when paired with just the right beverage and include options for meat, cheese, or combination platters upon request. Other delicious selections range from deviled eggs and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus to empanadas, burrata, and paninis. When youíre looking to make it a sweet experience, donít miss the chance to order up mini macarons.

Savor the Stay

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Location: 901 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 234-4166