3 Bedroom Rentals

Where the sun always shines and the blue waves meet the white sand beaches, San Diego finds its stride as one of Californias most inviting vacation destinations. Travelers frequently fall in love with this city upon arrival thanks to its wonderful collection of shoreline, historical stops, amazing downtown activities, and options for getting out and getting into nature. When its time to unwind and enjoy the best Southern California has to offer, be sure to book a 3-bedroom stay in our vacation home rentals in San Diego with the help of the professionals at mySDrental....

California-Inspired Comforts in Our Vacation Home Rentals in San Diego

At mySDrental, we understand that every visit to San Diego is unique and we strive to provide our guests with a portfolio of area rental options that are as versatile as the Southern California landscape. Whether guests are looking for beautiful beachfront rentals, cozy condos, or lofts, our team partners with travelers to help them pick the ultimate home away from home while theyre in town. No matter where you land, our vacation homes in San Diego have a way of providing the space, light, and ambiance guests crave. Open concept floorplans are often paired with large windows to allow for wonderful light flow during the days and enhance the overall sense of space available to visitors. Bedrooms in our properties are spacious and are often equipped with large, plush mattresses that are topped with fine, decorative linens and comforters. Walk-in closets and en suite baths add to the privacy and luxury available to guests looking to settle in from the moment they arrive. Full kitchens in many of our rentals offer up a place to create a home-style meal when you arent dining out. While the dining room is a good place to enjoy a meal together, many of our rentals also include balconies, patios, or decks designed to be outdoor living and eating spaces when youre craving the fresh air.

More to Enjoy in San Diego

Theres much to be said for the comfort and style in our 3-bedroom rentals, but that doesnt mean there isnt room for an upgrade or two. Be sure to let us know when youre looking for a property that includes pet-friendly amenities, comes with a specific view, or keeps you close to a destination you cant wait to discover. Were equally ready to help find rentals with specific interior designs ranging from vaulted ceilings and skylights to leather furnishings or granite countertops.

San Diego is Calling You

Theres no time to waste when San Diego beckons. Contact mySDrental today to book your accommodations for your next amazing trip to Southern California. We cant wait to see you here!

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